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 September, 28th


08:00-09:30          Registration

09:30-09:45          Welcome address to the course

                          Dr. Enrique Zamorano-Ponce

                          GENETOX – UBB - Chile




09:45- 10:30          “Bioinformatics: Tools and methods for functional genomics”

Dr. Mario A. Bueno


10:30-11:30          “Genomics and transcriptomics: microarray data analysis”
                            The possibilities and limitations of the micro array technology.
                            Data preprocessing and normalization. Unsupervised & 
                            Supervised analysis.
Functional annotation.

                                   Dr. Mario A. Bueno


11:30 -12:00            Break



12:00–13:00            From SNPs to Functional polymorphism: Overview of techniques to SNP   discovery and detection.Phenotypes linked to SNPs variations and its applications to the biotechnology industry, challenges and the future.

Dr. Cristian Gallardo


13:00 – 14:30           Lunch



14:30 -18:00            (Practical session)

Hands on microarray’s data analysis.

Web and programming techniques.

                                   Dr. Mario A. Bueno


September 29th


9:00 -10:00            High-throughput technologies in human population studies: Overview,     techniques, and perspectives.

 Dr. Stefano Bonassi



10:00 -11:00           Proteomics: a complementary approach to functional genomics. Overview of  experimental and bioinformatics methodologies. Example: Discovery of biomarkers through nutritional proteomics

                                    Dr. Andrea Mahn




11:00 -11:30            Break



11:30-13:00            An overview of different clustering methods: hierarchical clustering, SOM, SOTA  and k-means. Gene clustering, gene neighbors, phylogenetic tree construction.



                                    Dr. Mario A. Bueno



13:00-14:30             Lunch




14:30–17:30            Practical Session

                                   Hands-on in clustering methods and phylogenetic tree construction.

                            Web and programming techniques.

                                   Dr. Mario A. Bueno



17:30-18:00             Concluding Remarks